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(I have never spoken with her.)
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In another few days, August 8, 2006, a republican primary runoff race for Cobb County Georgia School Board, District 6 will occur. 

She, Johnstone, in essence has announced that she is for separation of church and state.  In Republican areas of Cobb County, such an announcement is suicidal.  I wrote one article on this last week: 

Laptops, Johnstone and GOD-Nation

I feel the laptop computer problems may have been inappropriately blamed on her and hope the Republicans and Independents will vote for her.  On this same date, Democrats need to vote for their desired SOS and Lieutenant Governor. 

I would like in general to have more contacts with Republicans and Independents because I am trying to attract them to the JJ-Nation mindset for which I am trying to move the Democrats towards. 

Bill Bolton
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This site not Affiliated with Kathie Johnstone
(I have never spoken with her.)

2006-08-04p07`GOD-Nation relation of Crooks'

Thanks for the fast response. 

I thought of Johnstone as the weaker candidate
because Crook is tied to the church, but
not to any church, but the First Roswell.    
The home of Price who is a GOD-Nation
man trying to justify Jefferson as a GOD-Nation
person also.  Jefferson is a JJ-Nation person
by definition. 

It is the GOD-Nation, takeover mindset that
is disturbing for me, and sure Crooks is
probably part if it. 

I have been looking at this situation for
over a year, especially the legal issues. 
Back when all this laptop started Ralph Reed was
chair of the Republican party.  Also,
Chuck Clay has been involved in Republican
politics and his law firm represents the
school system. 

One of my questions is whether the
Apple laptop, being considered the most
secure computer, was desired so the
Carver top could provide a moral
agenda, and whether that moral agenda was

Any corruption is allowed for GOD-Nation,
just look at voting machines. 

As far as you getting involved with the
Republicans, I understand, you cannot. 
You have done so much!

However, from my perspective,
I am trying to stop the corruption that
the the Republicans have started, and now
that Democrats have to follow just
to stay in the running. 
As Casey Cagle said, everybody does it.



2006-08-4p06`Describing Touchy Area'Anonymous


Crooks also said he wanted to keep religion out of the schools.  I support Beth Farokhi and I’ll stay out of Republican politics, thank you.  I suggest you do too.  I’m for the Republican who is the weakest candidate against Beth.  Johnstone is the incumbent and that alone will get her votes of folks who really haven’t been following the issues.

Crooks also came out publicly saying that Beth is the best candidate for the school board.

I don’t think you’re helping Beth by touting Johnstone’s so-called attributes.  Sorry, but I do believe the laptop issue is and should be blamed on Johnstone.  She has been an embarrassment to Cobb County Schools and Cobb County in general.


2006-08-04p03`BBprs: Kathie Johnstone Push 'Anonymous

am trying to get school board member Kathie Johnstone elected over Crooks, because Kathie has publicly indicated she is for Separation of Church and State when it comes to schools.

I created my own webpage on her behalf:

Your thoughts are appreciated, and if think distribution is appropriate, I appreciate that.

I am trying to break into republican and independent mailing lists.

Thanks Bill