Bill Bolton Campaign Operations
Purpose of Campaign

The purpose of the campaign is to get the Democratic Party to move its direction back to the JJ-Nation, as opposed to the direction of the GOD-Nation.  (JJ stands for Jefferson Jackson, GOD stands for Globally Ordained Denominations.)

Several websites are being setup: -- Where you are now, campaign headquarters. -- Chatroom for uncensored communications.  This opens the door for alternative candidates that may want to carry on  the cause. -- Bulletin board for businesses to contact each other. -- Platform

State of Progress July 30, 2006

Terminology getting out -- The term GOD-Nation has been introduced to the public during Bill's campaign for Governor of Georgia. 

Newsletter -- A newsletter has been written at least each day for the past three or four weeks.  The consistency allows readers to look forward to some tidbit each day. 

Presidential Websites -- Websites for the Presidential Campaign for Bill Bolton are starting to become functional. 

Future Goals

Newsletter -- Keep it going, daily and short.

E-mails -- Get back to responding to old e-mails.

Websites -- Keep expanding.