Complacent Democrats, NorthCobbDemocrats


The North Cobb Group has started a good website. It has a blog and they are generating some excitement.

Blog on Democratic Complacence

On their blog they have a thread titled: Are Georgia Democrats Too Complacent?

My Response would be

For such a question, my response would be:

The complacency comes from being defeated, and, in this case, defeated financially. Unfortunately, Democrats are looking for the handout instead of looking at how to stop the legal corruption of the Republicans and the rich.

For the long term, stopping corruption requires us to know how to use our courts. Law taught in high schools would be a first step forward.

For the short term, stopping legal corruption requires us to remove all loopholes so we can reduce the size of our legal code and so we can whistleblow on our legal thieves.

Without these plans, there will be no hope, and without hope, well, is that not the cause of complacency.

Hostile Takeover Book

Additionally, is promoting his new book: "Hostile Takeover: How Big Money and Corruption Conquered Our Government - and How We Can Take It Back"