Three Details, are they connected?

by Bill Bolton, August 6, 2006


Presented are three facts, they seem to be connected.

Fact 1. America's Doom

Richard kimbell, President of Project vote Smart, that provides website, wrote some good words in their 2006 edition of "The Voter's Self-Defense Manual", a manual of performances of candidates.

He respectfully brings to light an "... Alexander Tytler, a Scottish historian at the time of the Revolution, ... " and paraphrases him in relation to our voting where the following is an excerpt:

" ... But eventually abundance would lead to greed and selfishness, which would bring about complacency and apathy. This would inevitable lead us back to dependence and a return to bondage."

Fact 2. Religious Restrictions

Another point of this discussions comes from "blue" laws. The Cobb county newspaper carried guide about Georgia with a note about blue laws:

"The prohibition of packaged liquor sales on Sunday is a remnant of "blue laws." They were written on blue paper and were some of the first laws written in the American colonies. "

In Georgia, dancing, card playing, music, cooking, traveling, shaving, sweeping, crossing rivers, shopping, and drinking were prohibited."

It sounds like Sunday was reserved for church and sex.

However, a major shift to prosperity seems to produce less rules.

Fact 3. Decline in Quality of Life

From the jacket of David Sirota's book, "Hostile Takeover -- How Big Money & Corruption Conquered Our Government ... " the jacket says:

"Do you ever wonder if there's a connection between the corruption scandals in the news and the steady decline in the quality of life for millions of Americans?"

Are we back to Bondage

Where Alexander Tytler predicted the return of bondage, might we already be there, and not aware of it. We are seeing a resurgence of religion and seeing at least one restriction, abortion. We are also seeing stiff prison sentences possibly indicating a "blue" law restriction mindset.

I am not sure what all this means. Could it mean our bondage is caused by our legal system allowing loopholes, which causes a complexity that only the legal experts can understand.