NOW Johnstone Letter

Crooks Endorsed over Johnstone by MDJ

Today's Marietta Daily Journal, MDJ, endorsed Crooks:

"Crooks best board bet"

Johnstone to CobbCoNOW

My usual story on Johnstone was sent to CobbCoNOW:


Cobb Laptops, Johnstone, Crooks, Farokhi

The Republican runoff between 
school board members Johnstone and 
Crooks in district 6 is occurring now.  
Its outcome will affect 
Democrat Farokhi in November.  
Because, voting is light, some outside  
influence might affect the election in District 6.  

Overall, I have been working on the 
Cobb County laptop computer case for 
about a year and due to 
demurs, the case is still lingering.  

A side issue exists however.  
The leader of the laptop project, 
Kathie Johnstone, is up for 
school board re-elections in district 6.  
She is a Republican in a runoff, 
August 8, 2006, against Reverend 
Crooks of the Roswell Baptist Church. 
Either Johnstone or Crooks will run 
against Beth Farokhi, Democrat, in November.

For Farokhi, if Crooks wins, she will be running 
against not just a Republican but the Republican 
GOD-Nation.  GOD stands for Global Ordained 
Denominations.  The GOD-Nation wants to take 
over the world and is symbolically headed by 
President Bush.  

Crooks is from the Roswell Street 
Baptist Church that was once led by 
locally famous Nelson Price who writes in the 
editorial section of the Marietta 
Daily Journal and keeps claiming 
the Declaration of Independence is 
our constitution in an effort to justify that we 
should be a GOD-Nation.  It makes one 
wonder if Crooks is of the same mindset 
as his church.  

Women have an interest in this because women's 
rights are obliterated when the GOD-Nation 
takes over -- abortion, gay marriage, etc.  

So, if you see some way to help Johnstone, please 
help, in spite of the few hours of voting left.