Johnstone Down to 25%

Importance of Laptop

The laptop could be a common tool by all students before too long. It could be small and be our phones, as the devices that we are already using. Hence the importance of what happened in Cobb County with the laptops is importance. Hence the importance of Johnstone:

CobbCoNOW Request

I sent out the following to the CobbCoNOW e-list:
Johnstone Down to 25%

Cobb County Board of Education, 
Post 6, Republican 
runoff results:

Johnstone 25%, Crooks 75%.

I think there is so much more 
to this story.  

If the laptop computers 
had been implemented, they may have been 
a tremendous value to the students.  

From a NOW point of view, it might be 
good to invite Kathie Johnstone to 
speak to the group.  

Any thoughts?