GOD-Nation Church Stopped

by Bill Bolton

The GOD-Nation was Stopped

Last night, August 9, 2006, at Marietta City Council meeting, in Cobb County Georgia, a small part of the GOD-Nation was finally stopped.

A church had bought property that was already zoned residential. The church put together plans for building a mega-church and school on the property and requested City Council to change the zoning so they could build the huge church.

Well, an army of neighbors appeared at the council meeting opposing the zoning change.

The zoning change was denied, stopping the church.

How Much from Federal Government

The Federal Government sends money to churches and I wonder how much was sent to this church to buy this mega-church? The problem with the Federal Government, is that it should never be borrowing any money. It should pay off its debts and pay for essential services only before it contributes money to non-essential services such as a church.

Other Churches

As an aside at the meeting, I talked with other neighbors that lived near Roswell Street Baptist Church, and they expressed their dislike over Roswell taking over large tracks of neighboring property.

This hopefully is a movement to stop the GOD-Nation and help our small local churches to gain a foothold again.