Maybe another GOD-Nation Defeat

Toco Hills area maybe a Stopping

Bryce, one of our readers, writes about another church taking over everything:
Hey Bill,

I am hearing of a similar situation with a
Presbyterian Church in the
Toco Hills community (DeKalb Co) from a friend of
mine. I know exactly
what you mean. 


Again our Borrowed money waisted

These mega-churches are getting their money from our Federal Government and it is money that is borrowed, meaning our kids will have to pay for it.

The purpose of all this is to destroy our public schools and to assure students are taught Christian morals.

Our public high schools were intended to provide basic skills and not to be manipulated by religion, by teacher monopolies, by college accreditation monopolies, and the bar accreditation monopoly. Their greed results in poor high schools that do not teach law and do not teach life skills and government, all of which are needed by all of us.