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A gentleman named Bryce has sent e-mails and letters to legislators. A feat in its own right in that I wonder if any legislatures really has the time to read any mail. The more I learned about Bryce the more impressed I was.

Below is a response by Bryce back to me.

Bryce's Response


This sounds like a plot to take over the world.
And, frankly, the Bush
administration is boldly doing that. That is why
our nation and the UK
are exclusively having problems with
trans-Atlantic terrorism. 

The main ingredient you need to seize land and
take over territories is
vanity in religion. This is the trouble I have
with today's Christians,
since Jesus never said, "Seize thy neighbors land,
and negate their
culture and religion to conform to our religion."
He never said to
broadcast mega-churches on TV. He never affirmed
gay bashing as a way to
make rapid and grandiose income for a church. 

Thank you for speaking up Bill!