Georgia Democratic Party Leaders Meet

Last night, August 12, 2006, Democratic County leaders met in Macon.

Taylor Rallied the Troops

Mark Taylor, Democratic candidate for governor, did a nice job rallying to the call of needed work. I had all the state wide elected officials on stage.

Mac and I got to Attend

Cobb County Democrats graciously gave tickets to Mac and me, the two gubernatorial candidates that each got about 2% of the votes against Mark Taylor and Cathy Cox.

Ostracizing Prayers

Again, a state convention with two Jesus Christ, ostracizing prayers. For the last one, I walked out just before it started.

One of the hallmarks of civil liberties is stopping children from ostracizing other children in our public schools, yet the Democratic Party of Georgia does it to their leaders. Five months ago, I experienced ostracizing at another Georgia Democratic get-together. Again we need to get back to our JJ-Nation* roots.