When to Define GOD-Nation in an Article

by Bill Bolton

This Article is about the Acronym GOD

The term GOD is an acronym for Globally Ordained Denominations and represents an indirect conspiracy of so called Christians to take over the world. The question herein is when should the words that make up the GOD acronym be displayed in an article: At the beginning, at the end as a reference or never.

Mac's Actual E-mail

I'm sure either would be okay.
However if you use an asterisk 
you may forget the message you 
are reading. I think it would be 
better at the top of each page 
simply because it hits the reader 
in the face and they will learn 
better the point you are 
trying to make. It means that you 
have to explain something we 
third grade reader can understand.

The Purpose

The purpose of the GOD acronym is to make a distinction between a church taking over the world versus a church that helps the neighborhood like a community center might. Consequently the terms: GOD-Nation versus neighborhood church.


The term GOD-Nation without any prior knowledge, automatically creates visions of something being worldwide and having the power to even wage war.

That vision is what I intended and it is close to what the term means.

Neighborhood Church

The neighborhood church was why they were given a tax loophole, but it was not because they were a church, but because they were a community center. Another aspect of a neighborhood church is that its members are solely from the neighborhood.

However, I do not know of any neighborhood churches. In part because people can easily drive to a distant church.

Local Church and Tax Loopholes

A local church is physically nearby, but its members may be scattered for miles.

A local church is as close as we can get to a neighborhood church, but it is not, and hence it should lose its tax loopholes. It is no longer a neighborhood, open-door, community center made up members of only the neighborhood.

Probably many Exceptions

There are probably many exceptions to my arguments, but the purpose here is a generality and the use of terminology.

The Term GOD is to be Footnoted

My current trend is that the term GOD is always footnoted, and hence not spelled out at its usage or at the beginning. Of course, your comments are welcomed.