Laptops, Students, Up-Down-Vote, Voting Machines

An e-mail to CobbCoNOW

CobbCoNow stands for Cobb County (Georgia) National Organization for Women. The following e-mail about a possible connection between President Bush and the laptop computers in Cobb County Georgia, puts a lot of pieces together in one large picture:

Voting machines risky, study concludes
Irene asks: 

'Isn't creating your own reality "fake news"?'


This is why some think Bush is God.  
He creates his own reality, sends 
news reports to the TV stations, and 
the whole nation follows along.  
That is incredible strength.  

Some of us can hardly believe it is 
really happening.  

He has a nation of sheeple that 
attend mega-churches mesmerized by 
being part of the mass. It reminds 
me of German movies that appear 
after 1934.  Even Cynthia McKinney 
expounded how she was bring home 
faith based money, of course 
all such money is borrowed 
money because all Federal money 
is borrowed.  It reminds of how Bush 
effectively promised to pay everyone 
$300 if they would vote for him, 
all on borrowed money for 
our children to pay.  

Does even one neighborhood church
exist that is respectful 
of its neighborhood's multiple religions 
and needs and is composed of only 
members of the neighborhood?  
Such a church is a justification 
for tax loopholes, others are not.  

In spite of what looked liked Bush's 
ultimate goal, to put a person on Mars, 
the control of the children, possibly by 
a laptop computer in every child's lap, 
was the ultimate goal.  
Please remember where Bush 
was during 9/11, he was in a 
school selling his education program.    
He has been greatly sidetracked.  

Bush's ultimate reality is to 
teach Christianity to all students. 
The best tool for this is   
through a computer that becomes 
almost permanently attached 
to the student day and night, 
a computer that can stop viruses, 
that can be programmed daily 
as the student comes to school, 
that shows television on it, 
that can communicate with anyone 
at any time, and that can watch 
the student.  

What is being talked about here is 
the Apple computer.  Additionally, 
Apple recently announced a 
new patent that allows their 
screen to watch the user.  

Also, remember that the Georgia 
Legislature passed laws allowing 
classes to use the actual 
Christian bible.  Well, having 
the bible is easy for an 
online laptop.  

Another proponent of Christianity 
being taught to all students is 
James Dobson, a famous Christian 
who has written books on raising children.  
Dobson does not want anything 
stopping Christianity from being 
taught in our public schools, 
especially those damn judges and the 
damn ACLU.

Well conveniently, the U.S. 
Congress passed the mid-night federal 
judge removal act during the 
9/11 aftermath, which allows anyone 
to enter a complaint about a Federal 
judge and the action immediately goes 
into secrecy, the Bush/Cheney trademark.  
However, what was needed for a 
removal of a judge was an "up and down" 
vote in the Senate.  For this to happen 
the Senate needed to be conditioned to 
do "up and down" votes.  Fortunately, the 
Republican John McCain led the 
charge to stop it.  

The stopping of the "up and down" vote 
is why James Dobson phoned Bill Frist, 
the Senate leader, and that is why 
such a phone call made the news.  
Lots of activity on the 
"up and down" vote is obtained 
by googling "James Dobson Bill Frist".

As a first note, the "up and down" 
vote had previously been called the 
"nuclear option" which indicated 
its importance but not its functionality. 

As a second note, Cheney's visit 
to Pope Paul may have mysteriously 
been to have the Pope change 
a their centuries old voting law 
to an "up and down" vote.  
This gets even more yucky when 
realizing Pope Paul's effective 
care taker before his death 
is the current Pope.  

And back to the power of the 
computer, they can put 
Christianity on the laptops so 
each student can periodically 
pray and have the computer analyze 
his or her loving facial expressions.

I do not think school board 
member Kathie Johnstone had 
any idea of her total role 
in the laptop computer system.  
She seems to be a technician wanting 
to help for the good of the people.  
However, I think Ralph Reed wants to 
help for the good of the people 
but in the light of his GOD-Nation*.  

And let us go back to what the 
title of this e-mail is about -- 
the voting machines.  
Bush has the GOD-Nation* 
behind him which is over half 
the nation and they are 
spread into both the 
Democratic and Republican 
party.  With GOD* on his side, 
Bush has the power to pull 
your lever for you, 
and get away with it.  
Don't blame this on just 
on the Diebold voting machines, 
but blame it also on people who 
are looking the other way, like 
half the nation.  

*GOD -- Globally Ordained Denominations.