Was a Bush Plebiscite Deterred?

August 20, 2006

Plebiscite Definition

Plebiscite -- is the passing of sovereign power to another system based on a vote of the people.

August 19, 1934, Hitler's Plebiscite

"In August 19, 1934, Hitler obtained confirming supreme power of Germany through a plebiscite." Marietta Daily Journals history section.

A Bush Plebiscite

In my opinion, if President Bush were to execute a Plebiscite, he would be receiving votes from all the political favors that he has passed out, especially the faith based community, and he would use his Diebold voting machines that do not have an audit trail.

Is Iraq War a Blessing?

If everything was going along swell in Iraq, Bush would really be swaggering and bold and maybe yesterday would have been Bush's plebiscite day. Luckily it was not.