Should Civil Liberty Protect Everyone?

by Bill Bolton

The question arose from:

Bryce asked:
Shouldn't civil liberties protect 
all citizens in this country? And
civil liberties should be protected 
by the law. 

Commonness versus Specific

Civil liberty can only protect a commonness that exists between all of us, but cannot redefine physics to create a commonness.

In other words, the Equal Rights Amendment can protects elements between men and women that are equal. Contrarily, laws that are specific to an unequal element of either a man or woman cannot apply to the other side, nor should there be an attempt to make it apply.

However, if a law in its creation is specific but expands to cover a commonness, then its commonness should broken out as a separate law.

Marriage Example of Civil Liberty

This is why marriage should be divided into:
1) Shotgun
2) Responsibility
3) Old Age
4) Say Not