Suggestion for Andrew Young

By Bill Bolton

Andrew Young's WalMart Statement

I was truthfully bold in an article describing why Andrew Young made his racist statement in defending WalMart:

To me, WalMart's power overwhelmed Young, in spite of WalMart's power having been derived from many wrongs. The two wrongs that I feel the public connects with the most are:

1. Saying they Sold American Made Products

To advertise to the public that their products were American made is the most disgusting lie that could ever be told. Nothing but Fraud, in my opinion.

2. Destroying RubberMaid

The first RubberMaid was destroyed by WalMart as was shown by the PBS Frontline television program, and as the following article describes:

WalMart's Deal With the Devil,

RubberMaid was bought out and its name still lives. WalMart destroyed many other companies besides RubberMaid.

Religion and Money means Evil

WalMart's power does not come from Bush, but comes from Bush hiding behind our local churches promoting the GOD-Nation, which in turn allows WalMart to do anything. Until we the People stop having our government give money and loopholes to religion, we will never stop corruption. Our moral leaders can not be allowed to be exempt.

My advice to Young

I would say to Young:

"Jimmy Carter reflected on his church, and eventually denounced it. Mr. Young, you have an equally important job because you have done so much to promote education for our youth so they will hopefully get better skilled jobs. However, when you see the corruption of the Republicans, the unfair bidding of contracts, the paying of politicians, and churches saying, "you know who to vote for.", then you need to explain the reality of the world they live in. That reality is that people are usually born into status. To stop this, a brand new fight for civil liberty has to be fought."

The Above Message Does not Offend

The above message for Young does not mention WalMart, is gentle on the church, and connects today's youth, especially black youth, with a fight similar to the one Young fought in the 60's.