Democrats left holding the GOD-Nation Bag

Associating Democrats to Christian Money

Could the Republicans be doing a major flip-flop by publicly putting the Democrats into the same category as Ralph Reed, Jack Abramoff, and President Bush, Delay, and more. These, well known, politicians are tainted by questionable Christian money?

Republicans Sliding out Fast from GOD-Nation

The GOD-Nation has been recently associated with some not-so respectable people: Tom Delay, Ralph Reed, Jack Abramoff, President Bush and more. The Republican mainstays are running as fast as they can from the GOD-Nation and even showing signs of running to the JJ-Nation.

Democrats Stuck Behind the GOD-Nation

In my predictions, many state Democratic Parties of the United States, especially in Republican states, are still doggedly following the GOD-Nation. This doggedness seems to be due, in part, to 80% of the nation's blacks being Democrats and many Catholics.

Democrats Spun into the GOD-Nation

The Republicans will spin the Democratic Party into being the GOD-Nation. This is starting to happen just by the speed at which the Republicans are running from the GOD-Nation while still being attached to the local churches.

Spin Facts Presented Below

To show this Republican spin, I collected several facts but did not enter my own spin, for which I have plenty.

Bill Shipp on Christian Politics

Bill Shipp, whose commentary is in the Marietta Daily Journal, August 28, 2006, page 6a, reports:

"The Alabama Christian Coalition has decided to break ties with the national organization ... under a new name."

And he says:

"Today's faltering Christian Coalition may reappear tomorrow as supercharged Crusaders for Decency."

This is really the GOD-Nation* in a slight retreat.

Is Racism at Play?

Racism may be involved in this picture. It could be along the lines of the whites getting their faith based funds for their mega-churches, but the blacks now wanting their funds for their mega-churches.

Fact one: In Marietta Georgia, the launching of a black mega-church was stopped by a white community.

Fact two: two Republicans used the phrase "Separation of Church and State" in their bid for a a seat on the Cobb County Georgia, post 6, school board. I personally have heard it being used by other Republicans.

Democrat Christian Ostracizing

In the opposite direction, the nearly black controlled Georgia Democratic Party uses ostracizing Christian prayers in their meetings. This shows how the Georgia Democratic Party is slow on moving to a new view of religion.

Republican Bob Barr Attacks Voting Machines

And to top all things off in Georgia politics, Bob Barr, ex-Congressman, Republican, then from Cobb County Georgia, now in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, on August 30, 2006, attacked what I call Bush's voting machines, that is the Diebold voting machines, leaving the Democrats, at one time half led by Cathy Cox who championed the Diebold voting machines, in a trail of dust along with President Bush.

Catholics and Illegal Hispanics

The Republicans have ironically taken the lead to close the borders, leaving the Catholic church, which is dominantly in the Democratic party and which is a GOD-Nation member, not caring about protecting the U.S. border but instead caring about its own world expansion, just like Bush.

Summary: Republicans are Better Democrats

Ironically, the Republicans are being better Democrats than the Democrats are. To me, a change in leadership in the Republican party may be occurring. I feel it may be Newt Gingrich coming up to bat. I have seen some commentary speculating this also.