Laptop Nationwide and a Systemic Problem

by Bill Bolton

Reference to New Your Times

On September 2, 2006, Bill Kinney, a commentary for the Marietta Daily Journal, located in Cobb County, reports:

" ... A lengthy story in Thursday's [August 31, 2006] Wall Street Journal cited Cobb as part of a nationwide backlash ... Opponents of the laptop base their complaints on such programs' cost, lack of proven results, and inability to keep students from accessing inappropriate content. ... Cobb Superior court ... ruled against ... plan and a ... grand jury is now investigating ... ."

Apple Computer Not Fairly Judged

Because the Cobb laptop project was interrupted, the Apple computer was not fairly judged or allowed to prove itself, especially in stopping children from "accessing inappropriate content."

Well Intentioned Lawyers Spoiling the Soup

Because we the people are not taught to look at the legal issues of a case, lawyers end up battling over computer technicalities in which they are unknowledgeable.

A Proper Panel Never Obtained

A panel of ten local experts from Cobb County should have been selected to evaluate the computer project created by the Cobb School System. What they have now is a randomly selected Grand Jury looking for criminal intent. It is like using a hammer to fix a watch.

Is Monopolistic Bar at Fault?

My issue is that we the people need to be taught legal procedures in high school, so that when we need to use our courts, we can. For the famous equity case that is mentioned above, a pro bono lawyer and a representative citizen stepped up and filed. This is not the usual situation nor was it the situation before the pro-bono lawyer arrived.

We the people are appreciated of the pro-bono, but we are not appreciative that we had to rely on it.

Was Johnstone Wrongly Removed?

Then there is Johnstone, the school board member who was central to the Cobb laptop project but who lost the primary for her re-election bid. Was that a fair primary for her?

Everything is Wrong, Maybe a Ripening

A ripening of sorts may be brewing that starts to look at the interaction of the people with the government and the need for the people to know law procedures. As indicated above, there is a "nationwide backlash", where the aspect of the "nationwide" increases the importance of the people needing court knowledge, and hence ripens the courts to require high schools to teach legal procedures.

Systemic Case

My case against the Cobb County school board's laptop project deals with all U.S. schools none of which teach us how to use the legal system to fight such a project. This is especially true if such a project were to become a mind control system, as this could become. Important here, is that the strength of the individual can protect one's self against monopolistic interests.

Public Opinion and Your Input

Unfortunately, half the nation feels that other groups should protect them. In contrast, I hope you will start talking about how our education should entitle us to some knowledge on how to use our legal system. Your subtle speaking on such an issue is so important. Such actions are respective of the JJ-Nation* that wants individuals to be legally and productively strong.