Georgia Gubernatorial Taylor: Yes; Republicans: No!

by Bill Bolton,2006-11-06
(Elections tomorrow, please mass distribute)

Taylor: Yes! (an Overview)

Taylor shows strength in education, where Sonny with his Republicans were down on education for their first three years. On their last year they increased budgets to impress the voters. This is another one of the many Republican tricks.

For crime, both Taylor and Perdue are tough on crime. Taylor branched out further by wanting two strikes and your executed for child molesters, but he is also looking into a witness accuracy program.

Republicans: No! (an Overview)

To me the Republican Party Systemically promotes Legal Corruption as exemplified by the Abramoff and Enron type corruptions. The part that is devastating is that Perdue's attitude is the same as the Republican party's. This is like the $100,000 Georgia tax deal for Perdue that Taylor keeps complaining about. I ask why are we not suing Perdue?

Oaky Woods Land Deal

The Oaky Woods [click] land deal adjacent to Sonny's land is just another example of Republican tricks. It denies the people of Georgia the land but give it to developers. I wonder just how many political contributions went to Republicans resulted from this. For Perdue, his own land doubled in price. [click].

KIA Plant

Because the Republicans were trying to pass a secrecy law, it makes me wonder how many loopholes were given to KIA to build their plant just about on the border of Georgia and Alabama. In the meantime, we loose both the GM and Ford plants in Atlanta.

Perdue's Education

I remember last year when I read where the republicans were starting to pump money into the school system and I remember thinking it was just another Republican ploy just for elections.

In general, the Republican Party wants to destroy the public schools so they can force the system to use vouchers. I feel this is the main purpose of Bush's "Leave no Child Behind" program. Through this program, poorer performing schools can be closed, forcing children to be bussed to other schools, where such schools could someday be private voucher schools.

Taylor's Two Strikes and Your Executed

For child molesters, Taylor wants two strikes and their executed. Whether this can or will happen is another issue, but it reflects a general public attitude that even members of my own family want.

However, some black leaders are concerned because blacks are many times falsely accused. I have been encouraging Taylor to support the Georgia house bill on Witness Accuracy and he has looked into it and said some costs would be incurred in outlying counties. Taylor does not want to raise taxes, so he is hesitating. However, it is good sign for promoters of the bill, and they need to mount public support.

The Georgia Innocence Project has been working on its passage and their website says: "As of the close of the 2006 Georgia legislative session, HB 1256, the Eyewitness Identification Accuracy Enhancement Act, had failed to emerge from the House Rules Committee. " [click]

This means the Republicans killed the bill.

Another group involved with HB 1256 is the Southern Center for Human Rights [click].

So Please Vote for Taylor



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